AUB Group Overview

AUB Group Limited (ASX: AUB) is an ASX200 listed group of retail & wholesale insurance brokers and underwriting agencies operating in ~570 locations globally. Over 5,000 team members work with ~950,000 clients to place ~AUD 9.5bn in insurance premiums with local and foreign insurers.

AUB Group owns equity stakes in our partner businesses, who in turn provide trusted support and guidance to clients relating to physical, people and financial risks. This is backed by services that help our partners operate with less risk, manage their businesses more profitably and ultimately achieve better client outcomes. These services include technical support, a centralised data centre capability, common broking and back office platforms, human resources, risk, compliance and other operational support services.

Our core revenue is largely derived from arranging insurance policies and for other related products and services. The amount of revenue earned is determined by the size of premiums placed, which in turn is affected by premium rates, sums insured and the general level of economic activity. Other revenue sources relate to interest earned on funds held to pay insurers, income from insurance premium funding, fees for services to insurers, and revenue derived from insurers reflecting the quality of the business placed.

Portfolio Mix - Category (%)

Insurance Operations: Reach and Scale

*Information is correct as of August 2023, and is updated every August.


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