Financial calendar

10-Nov-2021Annual General Meeting
26-Aug-2021FY21 results announcement
14-Jun-2021 to 25-Aug-2021 Blackout dates
08-Apr-2021Interim dividend payment
23-Feb-20211H21 results announcement
10-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting
03-Sep-2020Interim dividend payment
25-Aug-2020FY20 results announcement
01-Jul-2020 to 24-Aug-2020Blackout dates
11-Nov-2019Annual General Meeting
03-Jun-2019Interim dividend payment
19-Aug-2019FY19 results announcement
01-Jul-2019 to 18-Aug-2019Blackout dates
11-Dec-2018Annual General Meeting
27-Aug-2018FY18 results announcement
01-Jul-2018 to 26-Aug-2018Blackout dates
26-Feb-2018Interim dividend payment
20-Nov-2017Annual General Meeting

*Dates are subject to change.