Business Strategy

AUB Group's strategic focus is to exploit the portfolio’s potential for organic growth while strategically leveraging M&A to accelerate growth.

Our strategic plan involves ongoing business improvement at the partner level through the delivery of enabling technologies, consolidation for scale and improved sector specialisation, together with an ongoing disciplined approach to mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Our partners will be supported by a market-leading broker value proposition, continually improving our partners’ ability to win in the market.

AUB Group's Priorities for FY21

  • Execute on strategically aligned acquisitions - Includes increased investments in current network businesses, new complementary bolt-ons as well as the potential for material strategic investments
  • Deliver market-leading technology capabilities - Drive adoption of ExpressCover and Sentinel in Australia as well as commencing implementation of technology solution for New Zealand
  • Reduce costs and streamline head-office - Increase focus on business improvement initiatives at network businesses to drive stronger organic growth and efficiency
  • Optimise our portfolio - Execute on consolidation plans currently underway
  • Redefine risk services strategy - Restructure the Insurance Agencies Division to enhance the value proposition for customers and improve profitability
  • Enhance partner proposition - Continue to enhance our partner and client value proposition working with Insurer Partners, insource and outsource providers and our network partners


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