Our purpose and strategy

AUB Purpose and Strategy ecosystem

Our purpose: Safeguarding a stronger future.

We’re building our company by placing clients at the heart of everything we do – providing products, services and solutions that help protect them from harm, damage and financial burden. Our partners and advisers provide trusted support and guidance to clients on the optimal combination of physical, people and financial risk solutions. Our approach is backed by the same commitment to high-quality service that we’ve had from the start. Our services are designed to help our partners and operate safely, manage the business more profitably and achieve better outcomes for clients. Together we’re providing a safer and stronger future for all.

For clients: We’re dedicated to provide advice and options that extend beyond general business insurance into other business and personal protection products. Clients sit at the heart of everything we do and we never forget that we exist to provide a safer future for them, their business and their families.

For our partners: Over a million client policies are handled by our partners each year. As the trusted advisers for clients, our partners play an important role in providing the best solutions and advice. When they thrive, we thrive so we’re committed to work alongside them.

For our employees: We employ talented individuals. Our people are the driving force of our business, and the reason we make it possible to provide market leading products, services and solutions to clients. We provide opportunities for them to grow in a nurturing and supportive environment.

For our shareholders: We’re committed to ensuring strong returns and a growing business to safeguard our shareholders' financial investment.

Our strategic intent: Helping clients realise a stronger, more protected future, through valued advice, solutions and services.

Maximise the partnership model: Our partners are one of our biggest competitive advantages. We will continue to invest in delivering opportunities for partners to grow and thrive. They have confidence in our group and know that clients will benefit from a trusted advisory experience across all insurance and risk needs – physical, financial and people related.

Broaden our solutions offerings: We’re committed to better serve clients and help them secure their future. We’ll continue to expand our horizons to deliver risk and insurance products and services that are designed to protect them from harm, damage and financial burden. Our offerings are genuinely client-centric, comprehensive and relevant.

Drive operational advantage with value services: We’ll continue to excel at the things we are good at and ensure our services create value. They’ll be more efficient, sustainable and profitable – focused on providing a better client outcome and revenue growth. We will drive productivity through simplifying the business.

Strengthen the foundations: We know that we will not achieve our strategy unless we have solid foundations. Our people will be supported with enhanced capabilities; we will remain disciplined in our approach to investments; and we will collectively drive our desired outcomes with shared accountabilities.